For Service, Training and Installation of Mazak Machine Tools World Wide

Welcome to ME Services

Mazak CNC Machine Tools are our business from the earliest models to the latest Technology.

  • We can Supply them (Nearly New)
  • We can Train you to Operate and Program them
  • We can Repair them faster and have them running more efficiently and accurately than any one else in the business
  • We can Supply spare parts
  • We can Network them Hard-Wired or Wirelessly
  • We can Look after them with our extensive Preventative Maintenance Package
  • We can Refurbish them and bring them back to life

We can do all this because of the experience we have gained over the last twenty years working on MAZAKS. Our Engineers have been trained to the highest standards and have attended MAZAK courses in the UK, Europe and Japan. We work all over the world on Mazaks: Australia, Africa, Middle East, North America and Europe.

Cost Effectiveness at M. E. Services is one of our main priorities
We reduce your costs by offering competitive rates on a sliding scale depending on your level of business with us, without compromising our high standards.

Why pay someone a slightly lower hourly rate for a repair when they take two or three times longer to do the job and the repair inevitably fails?

Disclaimer: ME Services are not affiliated to MAZAK in any way.

Mazak FH5800

Three Machine Mazak FH5800 22 Pallet Pallatech installation, de-commissioned in Berlin and transported to Newcastle and commissioned. Two Engineers 15 Days.